Found Object Sculpture

There is always inspiration to breath new life into old found objects from the past. Regardless of the age or value of an object or piece of ephemera, using them to create a piece of assemblage art has the potential to ignite a new appreciation for them. My inspiration started from a treasure trove of photographs, ephemera, and antiques inherited from my family. It now comes from virtually anything that crosses my path during a visit to an antique store, a stroll through the woods, or simply rummaging through an old box that holds the possibility of a forgotten piece of history.

I bring a passion for design, collage, assemblage, antique ephemera, vintage photographs and found objects to my work. Usually the piece is inspired by one component, and the rest of the piece comes together as I add additional vintage found objects. Some pieces have a more personal meaning to me and some are just whimsical and inspired by joining some random salvaged items together in a new and interesting way.



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