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Victory came together rather quickly and spur of the moment, which is not how I usually work. I had the porcelain doll head in my collection of "supplies" for quite a while. The bisque doll body was left over from another piece titled "Jeano" that I completed in 2017. In addition, I always have a collection of random boxes lying around. During a day in the studio, while working on a different project, I found myself searching the shelves in my studio for something and I came across the doll head, doll body, and box. Immediately, I was distracted from the original project and inspired to see how I could fit these three random pieces together. I love incorporating natural items in my artwork such as branches, twigs, stones, and all kinds of moss. Victory includes random pieces of twigs and Spanish moss and is finished off by the two salvaged silver forks. I wish there was some pithy story behind the name and why I decided to display the name right on the piece, but truthfully, there isn't. It literally just popped into my head and I thought it fit and decided to display it as a dictionary definition.


  • Created in 2018
    Mixed Media Found Objects

    2" x 8" x 2 1/2"

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