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Sometimes I respond to prompts offered up by other artists on Instagram. The prompt for this one was "one of the seven deadly sins."

I believe the bottom "tray" is a salvaged piece from an old lamp. I sometimes acquire boxes of junk from friends and other artists, which is where I found that. I cut a small globe bank in two for the wheelbarrow. The arms of the wheelbarrow are two vintage Tinker Toys with plastic beads on the end. Bent copper wire forms the legs of the wheelbarrow. Some types of hex wrenches are the arms of the bisque doll, who is wearing a copper ring for a skirt and has two wood pieces from a turn-of-the-century player piano for their legs and feet. I used wire pins and some elements of Spanish moss to form the hair. Vintage cardboard play coins fill and spill out of the wheelbarrow onto dirt from my yard, scattered with some found skull beads.

Cardinal No. 2

  • Created in 2022
    Mixed Media Found Objects

    10" x 10" x 8"

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