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I never thought I would use this doll head because I love it so much. The crackled surface is just the perfect grunge made all the more beautiful by the precious blue eyes.

In my studio, I have many vintage books and random book pages. Sometimes I search through them looking for specific words or phrases. Sometimes while hanging out in my studio, I randomly read through some pages. On one such evening, I ran across this page with the words "Confessions of a Thug." On the shelf below sat the doll head. The inspiration hit, and I searched for a box to start creating.

Other items that pull together this piece include a small metal toy car wrapped in wire, a scrap piece of metal filigree, a found school photo from a box of acquired ephemera, several game pieces including letter dice and scrabble pieces, and an interesting section of chain.


Confessions of a Thug

  • Created in 2023
    Mixed Media Found Objects

    4 1/2" x 13 3/4" x 3 1/2"

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